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General Visa Questions

For the citizens of a large number of countries the German and Schengen Regulations require that special Visa are necessary in order to come to Germany. This is also true when the trip is being planned for medical reasons.

However, there are different types of visa depending on the purpose of the trip, and there is a special visa path for medical treatment. Thus: If a patient plans to come for medical reasons, this would be the visa to apply for. But if a person that wants to come to Germany already has a visa for other purposes (business, tourist etc), there is no need to have an extra visa for the treatment. Once you are in Germany, nobody is going to ask you what purpose you had for getting the visa. So, if you already possess a visa, or have any means of applying for a tourist or business visa, that will be perfect. Only if you do not qualify for such a visa, the medical visa will be necessary for you.

Visa Regulations for medical treatment

According to the official information issued by the German Embassies, a visa application for medical treatment requires the following documents

  • Medical certificate issued by the local physician, declaring the need for treatment abroad
  • Written confirmation of an appointment in a German hospital or with a doctor
  • Proof of advance payment of the estimated costs for treatment; or presentation of traveller cheques in the same amount
  • Confirmed flight reservation
  • 1 application form, duly signed by the applicant
  • passport size photograph

With regard to these aspects, German Hospital Service can offer assistance:

  • We provide the written confirmation, that treatment at a certain hospital is arranged.
  • We provide a statement regarding the estimated costs of treatment
  • We provide a trust bank account for your advance payment and issue the receipt which you can use to proove that the estimated costs have been paid for.

As special service for our customers we provide the visa application form, provided by the German Foreign Office, as download document. Additional information can be obtained at the German Embassy in your country.
The German Foreign Office provides a list of all the embassies and consulates with their web addresses here.