Hospital Treatment in Germany

Information on hospitals in Germany and on the points to keep in mind when planning to get treatment there.

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My primary professional interest is hospital management. In addition, I assist my wife Elena, with her patient referal service for international patients who wish to be treated in a hospital in Germany. 15 Years of professional experience in managing German hospitals can thus be put at your service.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Hospital treatment in Germany

Hospital Treatment in Germany is an affordable, high quality alternative for patients who are looking for specific specialized medical help which is not available in their home country. There are over 2000 hospitals in Germany, offering all up-to-date treatments and procedures.
The quality of medical services is monitored by government institutions. The prices system is also defined by legislation, so pricing is reasonable - compared for example to US standards.
In order to find the most suitable hospital for a specific treatment, foreign patients should enlist the services of a patient referral company. German Hospital Service is such a company, offering assistance to English -and Russian-speaking customers.


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