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Treatment in German Hospitals

Because your health matters:

Hospital Treatment in Germany

Weil es um Ihre Gesundheit geht:

Medical treatment in Germany

Всё ради Вашего здоровья:

Hospitals in Germany

German Hospitals are well known for their high standard of medical care:

  • highly qualified physicians, who can practice as specialists in their field only after long and intensive training
  • professional nursing that really cares about the patient´s needs
  • modern medical equipment in the country, where they invent it

Important to know: The quality of service is under continuous government supervision - as is the price system which makes medical treatment in Germany interesting under financial considerations aswell. Waiting lists for necessary operations and treatments are, however, not a feature of the german system.

Many hospitals have already established special wards for the treatment of patients from abroad. Many other clinics do not emphasize the hotel aspects, but their medical expertise is by no means less developed. With about 2000 hospitals for acute treatment, it is not an easy task for a foreigner to understand which clinics offer services at which level. Also, the structure of services and the pricing system may not be easily understood by an outsider. This is where German Hospital Service can assist you with special expertise.

Hospital treatment in Germany is not really a very costly affair. For emergencies, and for necessary treatment which is only available after long waiting periods for example in the UK, the costs will often be reimbursed by your own national social security health plan. There are rulings by European courts and national authorities that allow this. In other cases, you will be a private patient (possibly with your private health insurance covering your costs) and specially welcome as VIP patient.

The legal framework of hospital finance in Germany makes it attractive for the clinics to service patients from abroad. Thus: German hospitals will do their best to make you feel well and get well.

And if you are interested in special surgery, like cosmetic operations, liposuction, gastric banding, or if you are thinking of getting a thorough check-up to be sure about your health: Germany as your health care provider is always a good choice.

Hospital Treatment for Patients from the UK

Especially patients from the UK seek treatment in Germany - and, according to an article published by the University of York, they were very satisfied with their treatment in hospitals in Germany. The NHS is offering special programmes to provide patients in the UK, who have been waiting a long time for a specific treatment, with the possibility to get treated in Germany. (For example, see an article “The NHS looks overseas”.) The UK Department of Health is definitely commissioning treatment in EU countries for NHS-Patients, however describes rather difficult procedures to get this treatment. If you contact us, we will try to help arranging and facilitating this for you.

Treatment experiences differ in German hospitals. Here are some observations from an American point of view.

German Hospital
German Hospital
Treatment in German hospital
Hospital in germany
Hospital treatment in germany
German Hospital
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